Recent Talks

  • Swedish Congress of Philosophy (invited keynote), Speaking Authentically (2019)
  • British Postgraduate Philosophical Association Masterclass, TBD (2019)
  • Uppsala Higher Seminar in Theoretical Philosophy (invited), Speaking Authentically (2019)
  • Workshop New Frontiers of Speech: Philosophy of Online Speech and Communication, University of Uppsala, Norms for Speech Acts and the Division of Epistemic Responsibilities between Senders and Receivers (with G. Bjornsson, J. Pepp and E. Michaelson) (2019)
  • Stockholm and Uppsala Workshop on Direct and Indirect Speech (invited), Amelioration and Meaning Change (2018).
  • California Philosophy Workshop, Comments on G. Johnson’s 'The Structure of Bias' (2018)
  • New York Philosophy of Language Workshop (invited), NYU, Transformative Communicative Disruptions (2018).
  • Sherbrooke Workshop on Generics and Social Practices (refereed), Sherbrooke, Troubling Aspects of Generic Thought and Talk (2018).
  • The Iceland Meaning Workshop (invited), University of Iceland, Comments on R. McKinney 'Narrative, Ritual and Social Construction’ (2018).
  • Department of Philosophy colloquium (invited), University of Hong Kong, Troubling Aspects of Generic Thought and Talk (2018)
  • Concept Lab Working Group Meeting, University of Oslo, Comments on Thomasson’s A Pragmatic Method for Conceptual Ethics (2018)