• FIL4100/4120. This is a metaphysics/philosophy of mind course that discusses seminal questions in these areas alongside more recent work that sheds interesting new light on these questions. I consider, for example, the consequences L.A. Paul's work on transformative experience has for venerable philosophical views about personal identity, and how Sally Haslanger's work on social structures should lead us to rethink the role the self plays in the explanation of behaviour.
  • FIL2403. This is an introductory philosophy of language course, based on and covering much of the same material as Cappelen and Dever's 2018 Puzzles Of Reference. We discuss Fregean theories of reference and the Kripkean challenges to it, as well as problems for Kripke's theory such as empty names, as well as assorted other topics of importance in the theory of reference, like plurals, acquaintance, and essential indexicality.
  • ExPhil03E. This is the course for the examen philosophicum, a distinctive Scandanavian exam (for more information see here.). The course mainly consists of history of philosophy and contemporary approaches to ethical theory.
  • FIL2105. This is a course covering topics from David Lewis's On The Plurality of Worlds.
  • FIL1006. This is an introduction to logic, delivered in Norwegian. I occasionally run one of the three tutorials (in English).
  • FIL1006. This is an introduction to metaphysics and epistemology, delivered in Norwegian. I occasionally run one or both of the tutorials (in English).